In research

Mark candidate as hired

in research

The option to mark candidates as hired and limit access to their profiles.

Evaluations in sharing candidates

in research

Option to add and show all evaluations added to the candidate profile in the sharing link.

Requisition Approvals

in research

A new workflow that allowscertain users to approve new jobs within the platform before the job is published.

Customizable job fields

in research

The ability to add custom fields (optional or mandatory) to job posts.

Careers site improvement - Create multiple job details page template

in research

The ability to create multiple templates that can be used for different pages for those who work with multiple companies, and all of them have their own page.

Under consideration

Multiple locations per jobs

under consideration

The ability to post one job with multiple location possibilities if you are hiring multiple candidates or if candidates have the ability to choose from a variety of work locations.

Job reposting

under consideration

The ability to repost a job for refreshed rankings on job boards.

Texting feature

under consideration

The ability to send SMS messages directly to candidates from Recruitee.

Allow to add breaks/buffer between events in scheduler

under consideration

The ability to add buffer times in your calendar, reflected in the event scheduler link, so you don't have marathon interview days.

New report - Time to hire - job opening to (multiple) hired candidates

under consideration

The ability to see avg time to hire from opening of the job until candidates are hired in the case of multiple hires for a single job posting.

In development

Unvoreingenommenes Recruitment

in development

Features that help in making objective hiring decisions without being biased by: 1. Evaluations of other team members (Fair Evaluations feature) 2. Profile details (hiding candidate name, picture, gender and age)

Meeting rooms support for Microsoft 365 / Office 365 / Exchange

in development

The ability to sync meeting rooms created in Microsoft 365 / Office 365 / Exchange with Recruitee and use meeting rooms with scheduler links.

New report - Careers site reports

in development

The ability to have an overview of visitors, conversion rates, desktop to mobile ratio, most popular postings etc.

Integration improvement - Indeed / Job boards - Salary field

in development

The ability to add an optional salary field for Indeed's postings.

Evaluate candidate per job

in development

The ability to give a candidate evaluation assigned and see evaluation responses separated per job, especially when a candidate is assigned to multiple jobs.

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