Recruitee Radio | Building an effective recruitment marketing strategy

Last updated:
May 26, 2020
October 21, 2021
Akbar Karenga

Recruitee Radio · TA Innovators Radio x Akbar Karenga: Effective recruitment marketing strategies

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Marketing for successful recruitment might sound obvious, but there’s more to it than simply branding & advertising.

In our podcast, we sat down with Akbar Karenga, Talent Coach at Founders Factory, to discuss how HR firms and recruiters must look at new and innovative ways of locating, assessing, and hiring the best talent out there.

Key takeaways:

  • The ideal setup in terms of a marketing recruitment stack.
  • How industry professionals can step up their social media recruitment marketing strategies.
  • Best practices for using candidate personas as a basis for your recruitment marketing campaigns.
  • How recruiters can improve the candidate journey to prevent it from becoming a long and arduous process.
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