“Before we used Recruitee, I emailed all resumes to hiring managers which caused full mailboxes, so that has been an improvement. It also helped us to have a better overview of the hiring process.”

Patricia Lakeman, Greetz

“We’re looking to staff up in every country we operate in but looking to the future as well, so what other markets are we going into. We always need an excellent pool of talent, we’re always hiring, we’re always busy, so tools like Recruitee are super useful to help us do that.”

Alex Walker, WeFarm

“Everything was done by email, and I had to manually check the individual status of each candidate. So, Recruitee has changed things a lot for us.”

Melissa Hagendijk, Nuts Groep

“I’ve never experienced hiring someone without making use of the features that Recruitee offers.”

Charlotte Melkert, Equalture

“Recruitee makes success for my team, I think, mostly because it’s so intuitive and easy to use.”

Geert Dijks, 5CA

“For us, Recruitee has added quite a nice feel to the hiring process because it makes it simple, yet it has so many cool features.”

Oliver Sinclair, bunq

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Transcom managed to effectively streamline their hiring processes across 28 of its European offices.

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